Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day! (Updated)

In honor of the royal saturation of the media today, I've decided to share a couple of my favorite things these royal nuptials have brought us!

1.  Kate Middleton's B-E-A-U-tiful dress!
 It is truly elegant, and she is enviably gorgeous.

2. British hats.

Why don't we wear more hats in America?  Sure, I would probably smack everyone around me with it if I wore one, and Colin would never, ever be safe again, but they're just so fun!

3.  Sex and the City wedding episodes on E!
I love Charlotte.

I have to update this post to include Kate's reception dress.  I think I may like it even better than her wedding dress!

4.  The second outfit.
It's so simple and elegant.  She is a real life Disney princess.

So, did you get into the festivities?  What's your favorite part of the Royal Wedding Day?


  1. I didnt watch all too much of it (someone else occupies the tv) but I did see as Catherine walks down the isle that Prince Harry turns to look at her and whispers to Prince William. I loved that! I wish I knew exactly what was said. :)

  2. E! had a professional British forensics lip reader decipher what they said and this was her analysis:

    "Lannin, whose analysis hasn't be officially verified by the royals just yet, broke down the banter between thusly.

    It was all light, sweet talk, apparently, with maid of honor Pippa lovingly telling sister Kate, 'You look amazing,' at 11a.m.

    You know that little chat Kate had with the bishop before her walk towards William? Apparently, she said she expected to be 'worn out today' and thanked him for conducting the ceremony.

    Now, as for that famous Harry moment, when he turned to Wills and cracked some sort of joke that had Londoners trying to decipher? It was pretty matter of fact and brotherly protective, after all.

    'Right, here she is now,' he apparently told Wills after turning around and spying Kate. (We give The Spare credit. We thought it'd be much worse!) It loosened up the atmosphere, with the viewing crowds laughing at the ice breaker and Wills relaxing a bit before his bride reached the altar.

    'You look lovely...(then unclear for a bit)...You look lovely,' Wills told his future queen as she arrived, per Lannin.

    He then felt comfortable enough to joke to Middleton's father: 'We were supposed to have just a small family affair.'"