Saturday, April 9, 2011

My first blog!

Since Colin is gone, and there's not a lot to do around here, I decided to start a blog!  I plan on eventually using it to chronicle the inevitable battles of basically tearing apart our first home, pictures of the great deals I'm able to score shopping (thanks to other great blogs!), and life as a navy wife.  Until then, I'll just be updating on weird and unusual things that seem to happen around here/whatever is on my mind.  That being said, my first post is going to be about those who run this house: our 3 cats (naturally).

Today, I decided to fill up the cats food dispensing toy that they never really use, with treats.  I spent the rest of the morning sitting at our breakfast bar watching an unusual relationship form.  First, let me describe the toy.  It's a sort of weeble-wobble with a hole in the side of the top where food falls out if you bat at it just right.  Lao came running in the kitchen like he usually does, and smelled the treats immediately.  However, it surprised me that he didn't really seem to know how to get them.  Ming slowly followed behind him, and it took him only seconds to figure out how to get the toy to dispense a treat.
Ming, Lao, and the toy in question

After a few treats, it was like a light bulb went off in Lao's head.  The next time Ming batted at it and a treat popped out, Lao quickly stole it away and ate it.  Of course, being the persistent little bugger that he is, Ming hit the toy again, only to have the treat stolen by Lao again (he's such a bully).  After a few rounds of this, Ming gave up and slumped back towards the dining room to sit in the sun.

Ming batting, Lao eating
Nearly two minutes later, Lao sat next to the toy and started his loudest cat meowing, reserved only for the saddest of situations (no food, dirty litter, closed curtains on a sunny day etc.).  Ming quickly hobbled in, only to find Lao sitting there waiting for him to get the toy to dispense a treat.  What happened next really surprised me.  Ming batted at the toy, a treat fell out, and he walked away.  He'd seemingly caught on to the game Lao was playing with him.  If you know Ming, you know this is extremely out of character.  He's the sweetest cat, and loves attention, but he's definitely not the brightest.  He will also do anything for food.  Literally anything.  After the last treat, Lao seemed satisfied and went in to take Ming's place in front of the sunny sliding dining room door.

I can't wait to see if this pattern continues with these two.  If I can catch them at it again later, I'll try and take a picture to share!

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