Monday, May 9, 2011

Transforming a dilapidated backyard

After some careful consideration, Colin and I have finally narrowed down the list of high priority house projects.  We've decided that once we paint and finish the updates/fix-ups required by the inspection, we're going to focus on the yard!  Now, to be completely honest I've been unbelievably spoiled by wonderful back yards created by my wonderful parents and their green thumbs (something that wasn't passed down to me, mind you), so my expectations may be a little high.  Luckily, my wonderful husband does love everything about working outside, so hopefully he can get me out there too :)  I'd like to think that because it's our house, I'll be more motivated.

In order to psych myself up, I found some pictures to use as inspiration for what I'd love to see in our new yard!  But first, here's the dreadful picture of what it looks like now (taken in January):

As you can see, it needs a lot of work.  Here's what we'd like to add:

1.  We are super excited about starting our own garden!  I love the idea of having fresh veggies straight from the back yard!
2.  In correlation to the garden, I'm also looking forward to getting a compost tumbler.  I love that you can get one of these awesome contraptions and don't have to worry about having a big pile of decomposing mush in your backyard.  It also makes turning it so much easier!
 3.  Possibly the biggest project we have in mind is a new deck.  Colin came up with the wonderful idea to building a lower level deck that connects with our upper level deck, and also the basketball court that we'll be transforming into something new and different (see #4).  It will run along the house where there is rock now.  There will also be access to the deck out the sliding door in the basement.

4.  The final thing I'd like to do to upgrade our outdoor living space is create a relaxation/fire pit area on the basketball court, turning it into a patio instead.
I love the idea of taking advantage of the summer months to get these projects done, and also being able to enjoy this great outdoor area that just needs a little TLC.  It will be a fabulous place to not only entertain, but also spend evenings relaxing after all of those tiring projects we'll have left inside the house to get working on!


  1. I love everything about this! (Did I tell you our homeowner came and dug out her garden and took everything!?) We will have to start new, but thats no biggy. But while your at it just double the order, we will take one of everything! ..Colin wont mind :)

  2. one more thing: Does our trash company offer the compost tumbler? In AZ you can get a compost can for only $5 a month!