Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Room Down!

I know, I know.  I promised a post about Colin's awesome anniversary present.  Well, it's not going to be it's own fancy post like I had hoped, but it does get a post that shows it's full awesomeness potential.  This year, Colin got a table saw for our anniversary!  It's pretty high tech and does all sorts of cool stuff.  He absolutely loves it.
Colin getting to work on cutting the first boards!
In it's first true table saw test, we got to work on the floors today!  We're a little late in starting this project, but we ended up heading to Portland this weekend for Shannon's quarter of a century surprise birthday party (SURPRISE!).  It's been planned for a while, but of course I had to pretend like we had all of these housework plans this weekend to keep her in the dark.  Now that we're home and thoroughly rested from the ultimate fiesta (complete with unicorn pinatas), the work has begun!
I can't take a house picture anymore that doesn't have a cat somewhere in it.  Lao loves the new floor!
We finished laying the floor in the dining room and part of the hallway and it looks wonderful!  While Colin does a great job cutting the boards, I put them all into place.  We had a little bit of a shaky start at first, but once we figured out what we were doing we got into a pretty speedy rhythm.  Our new goal is to have the whole upstairs finished by next Wednesday (since we started a little late).  Wish us luck! 

What do you think so far?!?