Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New freebies!

Alright, it's been a while since I posted about any great freebies that I've gotten, so I have quite the list!  The best part is that some of them are still available for YOU to request!  I've received all of this awesome stuff in the last week and a half!

This week's haul!

Alright so lets start with this first lot.  Keep in mind that I got all of this stuff for FREE by following hip2save.  In this picture you see:

1 packet of Tide laundry detergent (2 loads worth)
1 package of Tide Stain Booster packs
1 travel size Secret deodorant
1 full size Febreeze woodwick candle
1 Febreeze flameless luminary starter kit (1 stand, two shades, 2 batteries)
1 packet of Wisk laundry detergent
1 package of Seattle's Best coffee (STILL AVAILABLE!)
1 can of Ocean Spray sparkling cranberry juice
1 coupon for a FREE bic lighter
2 Starbucks instant readybrew sticks
2 Coffeemate french vanilla packets
2 Gum soft tooth picks
*Not pictured because they didn't last that long - 2 biscotti :)

Now, the majority of these fun freebies (everything in purple) came in a sample pack I actually requested from the post office!  It's a program called Sample Showcase, and every now and then they release sample boxes!  So sign up, and then wait for the next showcase to roll around.  There were also various coupons in the showcase for the products listed.

The Seattle's best sample is also still available.  Head to their facebook page, "like" them, then take the "what level are you?" quiz, and they just may offer you a sample!  I haven't tried mine yet, but I'm super excited to see what "level 4" tastes like :)

The Ocean Spray, Tide, and Febreeze freebies were all from giveaways on their facebook pages as well, so seek out your favorite brands, like them, and sit tight waiting for them to give something away!  These facebook giveaways can often be frustrating because facebook tends to crash (especially with the more popular brands like Tide) when the event goes live - but if you stick it out, you can usually get a full size freebie for all of your patience!

The only thing I didn't mention above is a super cool freebie that I actually got for purchasing mother's day presents at  Since at least one of the four mother figures in our lives is probably reading this, I don't want to go into too much detail about what I ordered, but let me assure you it was a great deal!  Mothers - avert your eyes!
My 7th Generation loot is running a great deal right now where if you order $40 worth of products from their website, you get a free 7th Generation lunch sack filled to the brim with freebies.  Now, don't let the name of the website deter you, they have all sorts of great gift packs.  I ordered mine on Monday and it got here yesterday (FREE shipping!), so there is still time to get your moms some great gifts!  The 7th Generation promotion (one of my favorite green brands) is going on through May 4th.  Here's what came in my bag:

1 Funky Monkey dried banana fruit snack pack
2 Balance bars
1 Kind+ bar
1 Luna bar
1 Numi organic tea bag
3 Fish oil pills
1 trial size Buddy Wash dog shampoo
1 Goji Berry green tea water enhancer tablet
1 Teeccino herbal coffee pack (Chocolate flavor! Yum!)
1 Package of Emergen-c
1 package of Clean Well sanitizing wipes
1 package of De Luxe rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner
1 packet Fekkai shampoo
1 packet Fekkai 3 minute hair repair mask
1 packet 7th Generation disinfectant wipes
1 bar of Kiss My Face soap
1 pack of Puristics feminine hygiene products
1 box of 7th Generation organic tampons
1 Crystal natural deodorant
1 Burt's Bees foot cream
1 bottle of Dream Water sleep supplement
1 bottle of Weleda body oil

My oh my what a list!  And possibly the best part about this deal, is that you can pair it with other deals.  Before placing your order, be sure to check out Retail Me Not for any coupon codes that may work for your order, and search drugstore for any other brand deals they may be running.  Of course, you'll get free shipping as well.  I was actually able to get great gifts for all 4 mothers, plus these great freebies, for under $40!  *New customers get $5 off their first order too!

Make sure to check out all of these great deals, and don't forget to add hip2save to your bookmarks - it really pays off!

If you place an order through, come back and let us know what great deals you scored!


  1. I am so super jealous you got to do the deal!!!!! I am going through serious sample and deal withdrawl!!!! And gifts too!!! Its like they rewarded you for buying gifts! I love it!

  2. I know!! I was so excited! I can tell you the exact deal I got when prying mom eyes aren't around :) But it was awesome. You can always send freebies to my house! I haven't signed up for any new ones in the last week because of the move :(