Saturday, April 23, 2011


Let me start off by apologizing for the lack of posting in the last few days.  However, rest assured that it was for good reason!  Around 5pm EST on Thursday I got a call from our escrow agent letting me know that our paperwork was ready, and we could be contacted by a mobile notary ready to have everything signed as soon as the next morning.  By 8pm that same day I was contacted by a notary, and packing for the almost 4 hour drive the next morning!

I made the drive out to Connecticut, picked up Colin, and we headed to the seediest little restaurant to meet with a mobile notary and sign closing documents!  We are officially home owners!!!  Sure she may have been a little sketchy awkward, and made copies of our id's in the back of her car with an hp printer hooked up to a generator, but until I get the call that Kristin and Colin Podelnyk are robbing banks and stealing cars all over the north east, the relief of having this process done and over with is indescribable.  Colin says he wont believe it until we're there and he has the keys in his hands, but I say we singed papers saying we owe a lot of money to a bank, and that's as real as it gets!
Where the signing took place
On the down side, I woke up with a horrible sore throat, and I'm officially down for the count.  I'm going to take the rest of the weekend off to settle in and recoup but - I promise to be back in full force on Monday!  In the meantime, HAPPY EASTER!!!

2.5 weeks and counting until the movers get here!

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