Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coupon Sunday!

In honor of Sunday being a day filled with coupons, I'm going to talk about where to find good coupons if you're just getting started.  The easiest place to find free coupons is on coupon websites.  All you have to do is go to the sites, choose the coupons you're interested in, click, print, and cut!  Here are a few of my favorites: definitely has the biggest database of coupons to choose from, and is one of my favorites!  (You'll find a link to their website on the right hand side of my page)

RedPlum:  Redplum is hit or miss.  You'll also find Redplum inserts in the Sunday newspaper that yield better results.

Smartsource:  Also a Sunday paper insert company, they are more reliable for good deals than Redplum, but still not as good as

Those are the "Big three"  that don't require you to sign up for anything in order to print coupons, although you can.  There are other websites such as and that also have coupons, but require you to register with their site.

The coupons you'll find at any of these sites are manufacture coupons, and can often be paired with store specific coupons for a great deal!  Especially if the item is on sale.  That's how I end up getting a lot of my FREE or nearly free products.  Before your first coupon shopping trip, you may want to check your local store's coupon policy.  For instance, Target allows you to pair a manufacturer's coupon with a target coupon, but Hannaford grocery requires you to choose one or the other.  Some stores have a coupon dollar amount limit, or even number limit.  This will help you to feel more confident when you approach the cashier to check out, and will also give you ground to stand on in case one of your coupons doesn't go through or "beeps" for whatever reason.

These coupons also reset at least once at the beginning of every month, but new ones are added as often as every Sunday.  If it's something you know you'll buy multiples of, make sure to print as many coupons as you need.  However, keep in mind that some coupons have a print limit, and you may only be able to get a few.

Other great places to find coupons that I'll be discussing in detail at a later date:  The Sunday newspaper, brand websites, facebook, and magazines.

Does anyone else have any reliable, easy to use coupon website suggestions? Make sure to post them in the comments!

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