Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Close-to-Freebie! Hurry!

There is a great new deal going around at dollardays.com!  Dollar Days is a wholesale retailer, and they are currently offering free shipping on all back to school and office supplies (there is a big ad for this in the middle of their site).  To make the deal sweeter, there are also some coupon codes you can use to get nearly free products in bulk!

DOLLAR20 for $20 off your order
124QDD for $12 off your order
DOLLAR10 for $10 off your order

Just make sure you order more than the promo code is for, even if it's just a few cents!  Keep in mind, if you do order something and the total is below $1, you will have to use a paypal account instead of a credit card.

If you get something like bulk glue, tape, scissors, paper, pens etc.  think about donating part of your order to a local school, as I'm sure they're in need at this time of year!

*Disclaimer:  The site is moving unbelievably slow  due to the influx of people trying to order, so just keep at it.  I don't know how long this good deal will last!

If you sort by popularity, a lot of low priced options pop up.

Update Take 2:
After spending the day fighting with the site on and off, I finally placed my order!  I got 2 glue sticks, 2 reams of paper, a roll of packing tape, and 2 pairs of scissors for .51!

(Thanks, Hip2save!)


  1. Did you order anything?

  2. Yup! I finally got my order in and updated the post. Did you get anything?

  3. No I figured I probably should order anything with the move next week. What did you end up getting?