Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Tuesday Series

Before I head to bed for the night, I figured I'd share with everyone a new series I'll be starting next week called 'Guest Blogger Tuesdays'!  Each Tuesday I plan on having a guest blogger write about something they're well versed in.  I have some great blogs lined up about crafting, getting good deals, pets, job hunts, and navy life that I can't wait to read and share with you!  So be on the lookout for the first guest blogger next week!

Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions for guest blogger topics, or letting me know if you'd like to guest blog !


  1. Your "Tuesday Series" won't be complete without a food category...

  2. Sounds good - think up something good that you're ready to make and take pictures of, because I'm officially putting you in my week 5 slot :)