Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memory Quilts

Something else I'm interested in that I didn't write about in the last post is crafting.  In an effort to force myself to spend more time working on different crafts and trying new things, I'm going to share with you once I finish a project.

Most recently, I've been thinking about and working on Memory Quilts.  A few years ago when I was student teaching in a preschool classroom where the head teacher was retiring, I came up with a plan to make her a memory quilt, commemorating her time at the school.  We picked school related fabrics, and used them to boarder ironed on pictures of the students in her class.  It turned out great, and got me thinking about using the same idea for baby gifts, only instead of filling up the squares with pictures, I could leave them blank to be filled in as the child grows up.  On their birthday each year for instance.  I recently made one for my friend Megan and her daughter Lydia who is due in June (see pictures below).

The front of the quilt
The back
The quilt draped on the front of Lydia's crib
I was wondering, for all of the ladies/future mothers out there, would this be something you would consider purchasing through a service like  If so, how much would you pay?  I plan on making them for my close friends as they inevitably start having babies (hurry up!), but my husband is always on my case about being able to sell the crafts I make, and this one seems like the best one to start with.  Leave any feedback in the comments, I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. The one you made me is incredible. I love the idea of Lydia having something to keep and something that will make each birthday unique and memorable. Its so sentimental that if I would've saw it online or in a store I think $80 would be something I would pay because of how long we would have it. Thank you so much for giving Lydia this beautiful and unforgettable gift.

  2. $80? Really? Well that's good news. I looked up other quilts on Etsy, but it's tough to tell how big they are, and I thought a lot of them were over priced, but they were all around $100 or more. Good to know :)

  3. Oh and I'm really glad you liked it!!! <3