Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is anyone else watching Parenthood?

In my honest opinion, Parenthood is the best new show on television.  And you can trust my opinion because I'm a self appointed tv addict aficionado.  I absolutely loved Gilmore Girls, so when commercials started to air for Parenthood staring Lauren Graham, I knew I had to tune in.  This show is the most honest family drama I've seen in a long time.  The characters aren't perfect, but they're dealing with real things that real people face every day.  Each episode has me laughing, balling my eyes out, and begging for the next week to get here sooner. 

The finale aired tonight, and already I can't wait until September rolls around.  Of course I'm Lauren Graham biased, but she is just phenomenal as Sarah, the oldest Braverman sister.  Here are other cast members you may recognize:

 Craig T. Nelson:  The family patriarch.  He's difficult to love sometimes, and yet you just can't help yourself.
 Dax Shepard:  I have never really loved the characters he plays in most movies, and sometimes find him downright obnoxious.  However, in this show he manages to flawlessly balance his humor with the best of intentions.  The scenes he shares with his on screen son are smile worthy every time.
 Mae Whitman: Love her.  Love Love Love her. And did you know she's little Bernice from Hope Floats? I didn't recognize her at first either!
Erika Christensen:  You probably didn't see Swimfan, so you can just trust me when I say that she's a much more believable working mother than she ever was a crazy psychopath.  Not to mention I have a major crush on her Parenthood husband.

These actors, plus a myriad of other regulars and guests make this a show that shouldn't be missed.  Even though the season is over, you can still see all the episodes at NBC's website.   

So, are you watching Parenthood?  Do you love it as much as I do? 

(Photos courtesy of Internet Movie Database and NBC.com)


  1. I do love Parenthood! Gilmore Girls was a weekly must see for me and I feel like I just graduated to Parenthood. So far I dont think its developed any kind of strange technique in writing that they duplicate in every episode (like Ive seen and am starting to get frustrated with in other shows). I dont know if Parenthood is at the very top of my tv must watches but its definitely very close!

  2. I love Parenthood!! Your influence, of course. I wish we could watch it together and I totally have a crush on Joel too.

  3. I wish we could watch it together too!! Joel is the best. But he's convinced Colin that he wants to be a stay at home dad/hunky carpenter. The only problem I see with this is me having to bring home the bacon :) PS I'm sorry about the other night. I wasn't actually at my computer I was using it to listen to music and fell asleep. Then I closed it without looking at gmail :(

  4. 1) I just watched the season finale and I thought it was soooooooo good! The Julia/baby flip-flopping thing was a little weird. What do you think of Jasmine possibly giving Crosby a chance?

    2) CONGRATULATIONS on the house!!!

    3) I don't think I'm coming home in June, but I most definitely will in August. Reunion?

    4) Love you!

  5. 1) I thought the whole baby thing was weird. Christina? Really? And then Julia and her baby woes. It's a really tough situation, and something that has probably crossed both of our minds - but seriously, she was all over the place with being happy, then not happy, then happy, then adoption!
    I'm so torn about Crosby. I mean, he messed up. Big time. In the worst way. But I also really don't like Jasmine and her controlling, overstepping ways. Before he slept with what's her face, I wanted her to have a serious reality check. Now, I feel like she's the victim, and he's doing the checking. I almost forgot how much I didn't like her before all of this happened. Poor Jabar.

    2) THANKS! We have plenty of room for visitors! No more uncomfortable futons in the living room for you :)

    3) Colin will unofficially be gone for most of the summer, so I say a reunion ASAP is a must!

    4) Love you! <3