Monday, April 18, 2011

Window Inspiration

I've been thinking a lot about window treatments for the new house lately.  I know it's not the most practical place to start, but I keep seeing these fabric roman shades everywhere, and I'm really starting to love them! The only problem is that most of the windows are huge three pane suckers, and I just don't see how they would work.  It's really important for us to have a bright, cheery home, so whatever window treatments we choose have to let a lot of light in.  These are some of my favorites:
I just wish the curtain rod went all the way across the top of the door.  

I love how sunny and bright everything in this picture is!

I know this is a lot like the previous one, but I think this would a so pretty in a bathroom.
 Now, these are the actual house windows.  Nearly every window in the house is this size.  You see the problem.  I'm not sure these shades would work three in a row.  It's also so amazing to me how dark the black outdated trim makes these windows look.  It seems so simple, but it makes such a huge difference.

How do you feel about fabric roman shades?  Are they too grandma, or are they coming back into style?

(Inspirational photos courtesy of Smith and Noble)


  1. I have to say I love a fabric roman shade! We bought all wooden blinds for our house in Tucson just before I started seeing the roman shades everywhere. The hardware store was out of the smallest size so we were short for one window. I was so happy when I realized it was the perfect window for a roman shade! They can come in so many different fabrics and you can even make your own with a kit from a craft store. Endless possibilities! I think its a great idea but I just dont know how you would go about doing the 3 pane windows. :-/

  2. You have a good sewing machine... Roman Shades are a cinch to make and fabric options are endless.