Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Super Target in Saratoga Springs

Today I decided to make the trek to the new super Target in Saratoga Springs.  I was super excited about this because while I was in Portland, my mom and I shopped at the newly renovated one there and it was nothing short of amazing.

I was hoping that, based on what I saw in Portland, I could start making just one shopping trip a week down in Saratoga, instead of a Target trip and regular grocery trip.  However, when I got there I realized that it was nothing like the one I had visited.  Now, this target has never been particularly great, and if I had to choose I would stick with our smaller, cleaner Glens Falls location.  Not to mention I've heard stories about their unfriendly cashiers when it comes to coupons and bringing your own bags.  I tried to go in with a clear head and an open mind, despite what I had heard and experienced.

When I got there I immediately noticed that the grocery section was smaller than the ones I had previously visited.  I took with me only a list of things I needed for this weekend, instead of doing freebie/deals shopping.  I was so surprised to learn that I couldn't even get half of my shopping list!  Things that I regularly find at our normal Target weren't even available (Idaho Instant Potatoes, breakstone sour cream).

Their produce and meat section, which is now certified organic, was the most disappointing part.  The potatoes were small and mushy, and the meat all looked like it had been sitting on the shelf too long.  This may just be because today is Thursday, but I'd like to think that the products they sell would be good all week.  On a side note, my mom has tried the meat (hamburger sliders) and said they were amazing.  I'm thinking about giving this section another shot.

The worst part of the visit came when I went to check out.  I handed the cashier my reusable bags and he said "Oh, you have your own bags, that means you bag your own groceries!"  I sort of laughed and thought he was joking, but he just kept holding my bags for me with a completely straight face.  Now, I don't mind bagging my own groceries, what bothers me is basically being punished for using reusable bags.  Of course there was a huge line of people behind me, so I tried to be discrete and ask if this was a new policy.  He just sort of laughed and said, "yeah, it's my new policy."  UGH!  So I bagged my groceries and just figured I'd write a letter to corporate once I got home.  Now this part gets a little personal, but I think it's important.  My favorite cheap-o Target bras were on sale this week, so I bought a cute gray one.  I didn't think anything of it until he went to scan it and said "Oh, now we're getting to the embarrassing stuff.  Take this from me quick I can't hold it anymore!"  And physically handed me the bra instead of placing it on the counter like he had the rest of my stuff.

The whole situation was just weird and awkward and enough to make me never want to go back.  I did end up emailing corporate, so we'll see what happens.

On the plus side, their new shopping carts are amazing!  I don't know why, but they're just so smooth and quiet and awesome.  Try one, you'll see what I mean.

Has anyone else shopped at one of these new super targets?  What was your experience like?


  1. Man oh man! Sometimes dont you feel like you wish you woulda stayed home? Its like, yes I came to your store to get beat up. I probably would have gotten the same cashier because I tend to have the best luck with guy cashiers dealing with coupons. Guys dont want to ask for approval or act like they dont know whats going on so they usually just push through a beeping coupon. Really bag your own stuff? I will usually volunteer to do it if there is a lot of stuff and I know its going to take them longer to do it but the cashier basically making you do it is so wrong. I mean I guess they do pay you $.05 per you are getting paid...? ;) The whole problem with bringing your own bags really bothers me. Oh course we've had many of conversations on that topic. In the end its another story but I guess he didnt stop there. Acting that way with the bra was just plain inappropriate. On a happier note, I have seen those new carts but have not gotten to try them out! Do we have a super Target in WA? :)

  2. It definitely made me wish I didn't go out. It was super embarrassing. On the plus side we do have a super target in wa!! We drove by the one in Silverdale and it had a huge sign in the front that said "We now have groceries!" We'll have to check it out.