Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walmart paid ME to shop there today!

I am so excited to share the great deals I got today!  I want to start this off by saying that moral ambiguity aside, I'm not a huge Walmart shopper.  In my personal experience, I have found that places like Target and drug stores (if you participate in their rewards program), often have better deals.  That being said, while I was organizing some coupons that came in the mail today with a One Beyond cat food sample, I noticed that the coupons for FREE cat food I had clipped from the paper earlier had an expiration date of today!  So I rushed out to target to get some deals!  Colin and I have been talking about switching the cats to an affordable natural food, and these free coupons were just the push we needed. I also took with me one target coupon for $5 off a grocery purchase of $20 or more, two target coupons for $2.00 off One Beyond, and two manufacturer's coupons for $4.50 off the same size product, a coupon for a FREE three pack of the new Jello temptations product, and a buy one get one free coke coupon, just in case ;) (I plan on doing a larger post about target shopping, but for the sake of understanding this good deal - at target, you are allowed to use one target specific coupon, and one manufacturer's coupon per item).

When I got there I realized they were out of the smaller sized boxes of food that the free coupons were for.  Bummed, I grabbed the bottles of coke, and the larger bags to use with the stacked coupons I mentioned above.  At the register, everything rang up at $20.68!  Totally over excitedly, I handed her my grocery coupon first, and then the rest.  Since Target doesn't apply overages, I ended up with a balance of ZERO on my receipt, paying only something like $.71 in tax!  Woo!!

My target deal
Hyped on the good deals I just got, I decided to head up the street to Walmart.  I was so happy to find not only the pudding, but also the FREE boxes of cat food!  This is when the magic happened.  According to the new Walmart coupon policy, they are awarding coupon overages to the rest of your order.  Since everything I was purchasing was for free, I didn't really think about it, and was more worried about having to fight someone about not paying for a single thing (I've had some bad experiences with Walmart cashiers and coupons).  I anxiously awaited her response, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the value of my FREE cat food coupons was actually $3.00, and since they were on sale for $2.50, she actually owed me $1.00!  She was also surprised, so of course she called a manager over, and he verified what the screen was saying, and handed me four shiny quarters!  What a great bargain!

My Walmart purchases
Has anyone else gotten any squee! worthy deals this week? 

Update:  I forgot to mention that both of the larger bags of cat food had target specific peel-off coupons on the front for $2.00.  Since I already had more than enough to get them for free, I get to use them next time with my left over manufacture's coupons! 


  1. My oh my! I am super impressed. I havent ventures out to Walmart to try out the new coupon policy. (not in the mood to argue) :) No squee! worthy deals this week but I did learn a few coupon tips.

    -The Walgreens cashier told me to hand over the RR first, otherwise my total may be too low if I do all the other coupons first. I, for some reason, thought I had to use them last, like cash or something. But this was from the cashier so I will have to look in the policy to see if anything is mentioned about this.

    -I wrote on the Schick Hydro Facebook page asking where I could get coupons for their product. So my surprise, early Monday morning there was a $3 off coupon on their page! I of course believe this is because I (amongst many I assume) asked for a coupon. :)

    I emailed Eos to see if they had coupons to mail so I could try their product and that I was interested in it. Walgreens had this paraban free shave cream on sale for 2/$7 (still super super expensive!) But I will pay more for paraban free. I also knew their April coupon book had an IVC (instant value coupon) in it for $1 off each. Pair that with my mailed coupons and I got $4 off 2 creams, bring the total to $1.50 ea!!! Plus the ones I found came with a Bic Razor!!! I was def happy with this purchase.

    I didnt realize it was so easy to ask and get coupons back to quickly! I will definitely practice this in the future. :)

  2. Dang I need to start asking for coupons!! That's awesome! On a semi-unrelated note, I found this paraban free spray tan in Portland that I really want to try, but I can't find it anywhere else! I guess I'll just have to wait until the big move. And I think I'm going to start walgreens shopping, rite aid has had crappy deals lately.