Thursday, April 14, 2011

Freebies in the mail today!

I got a great surprise today when a fed ex truck pulled up to my house!  Three days ago I requested sample paint from Valspar through Lowes for FREE.  I definitely did not expect a whole package to show up at my door so soon!

Not only was there a free jar of paint, but there was also a book of paint samples, a color matching strip, two mini rollers, a mini paint pan, and a $5.00 Lowe's coupon!

Want to know the best part?  YOU can still get these freebies!  Every day, for 100 days, at 9am central time, valspar is giving the first 100 people the same samples I received!  And you get to choose the color!  Here's the website:

Valspar Paint

On a slightly less exciting, but still FREE note, I also received two Skin So Soft samples in the mail yesterday.  A few months ago I submitted a story on their website about using their product as a child instead of bug spray because I'm allergic to deet, and they sent me samples as a thank you!

Now, what color are you going to choose for your FREE paint sample kit?


  1. Oh you so needed that paint kit with your upcoming renos!!! My mom uses skin so soft and has forever! I think she mostly uses it while shaving legs. It was nice of them to send you a sample!

  2. I ordered my feel sample today! Can't wait to get it I ways wanted those small rollers - good for all kinds of projects. Thanks for the lead, I can't wait until tomorrow.