Monday, April 25, 2011


BzzAgent is a website that creates "bzz" about products simply by word of mouth.  Once you sign up and qualify for a campaign, they send you FREE products to use and share with your friends.  The only thing they ask in return is that you spread the word about whatever it is they sent you.  Usually, your bzz kit comes with coupons to give away as well.  You can bzz about the product on facebook, twitter, your blog, their website, or simply in those regular every day conversations! 

As you participate in more and more campaigns, you start to earn honey combs.  The more honey combs you earn, the higher your bee status is.  This gives you early access to new campaigns, guaranteeing you the opportunity to get more free stuff! 

Just today, I got my first free bzz campaign kit!  It was for Cover Girl Natureluxe makeup.  They sent me a full size foundation and lipstick (which I love).  I haven't tried the foundation yet - so I'll have to give an update on that later.  The kit also came with a bunch of $2 off coupons.  So if you'd like one, just email me and I'll send it your way! 
My campaign package!

After doing a little price checking research, the foundation goes for about $11 and the lipstick for $6 at Target.  I think it's a little pricey considering the size of the products, but if it works well, then I guess it's worth it! 

Make sure to check out BzzAgent, and let us know if you qualify for any campaigns!

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