Saturday, May 7, 2011

On the Same Page Saturday!

Welcome to the first official On the Same Page Saturday!  As a reminder, this month's book is Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed.  This first set of questions (found after the jump as to not spoil anything) is taken from pages 1-100.  Next week we'll be exploring the next hundred, and so on and so forth until we finish the book! Feel free to leave your responses (or questions of your own) in the comments.  (If you've been reading the blog, but haven't gotten involved yet, this is a great way to start!)

1. Why did Rachel really decide to sleep with Dex after her birthday?  Was it about her desire to break free from the "good girl" stereotype? Or was it really her built up resentment towards Darcy?  Maybe something else all together?

2.  Would Rachel have decided to sleep with Dex if Darcy had been a better friend? If yes, do you think she would have broken it off immediately if the friendship was different?

3.  What has created this idea in our society that if you're not married at 30, you must be doing something wrong.  Do men feel this same pressure, or is it exclusively women?

4.  How often do you think this sort of situation actually happens in real life?  Do you think more often than not, even though a friendship is at risk, non-book-characters continue the affair?

5.  What do you think of Something Borrowed so far?  Are you team Darcy or team Rachel?


  1. 1. Honestly, I think that she wanted something that Darcy had, she wanted to prove to herself that she could get the same guy that Darcy was with.
    I feel that there is more resentment in this relationship than meets the eye. It is hard to blame her for being resentful, but sleeping with your "best friends" fiance?!?! Who would really do that to their actual best friend??

    2. I do not think she would have slept with Dex had Darcy really been a friend to her. I feel that she does not feel as much pull to Darcy as Darcy has to her. I think their whole relationship is not based on what makes true friends.

    3. I want to be married with kids on the way before I am 30 because I don't want to be an old mom. I am not sure how many women feel that, but besides risk factors going up after you turn 30, who wants to be that older mom? I don't think guys feel the same because they have George Clooney to look at as a man who is not married and oogled at by many women. It is more socially acceptable for men to be over 30 and single I believe.

    4. I don't think this sort of thing happens as often or as easy as one might think. It is a very hollywood sort of twist to have this love affair going on right under the fiance's nose and for there to be so little guilt involved. We all know affairs happen, no one can deny that, but in this way?? Not if there was a real friendship at risk, and not if she were a true friend.

    5. I have to say I do like the book, though I was thrown off by how quickly we have this affair thrown at us. I am on team Rachel mainly because I really relate to her. Not on a I sleep with my best friend's guy sort of way, but because I understand what it is like to be the less pretty, less skinny, less popular friend, and GO RACHEL for doing something out of the norm (though maybe bungy jumping next time??)

    -Erin Ross!!

  2. 1. I believe she had gone so long thinking she was good enough and Darcy was and when they started to kiss she felt like she was finally good enough for him and wanted to proof it to herself.

    2. Darcy always dropped everything for friends I don't think it was about her friendship as much as it was about Darcy always getting what she wanted and having the ideal life. Darcy also acts like she is entitled to everything and that makes Rachel hold a little resentment against her.

    3. I think the stereotype comes from our expectations of how you are supposed to go through life, everything you do is supposed to be about having a family instead of yourself. I've always wanted to have a family and kids are the most incredible thing in the world to me and I couldn't wait to have one of my own. I didn't want to be to old and not be able to get down and play with them. I also didn't want to go through a complicated pregnancy and birth just because I waited to long. I feel I accomplished everything I wanted to and more for myself, so I felt it was time for me. But what if you feel fulfilled without children isn't that what life is all about.

    4. Oh, I know it happens. It's rare but people don't seem to know their true feelings until they are have reached a certain place with another person and realize that this is not what they want and all the qualities you believed were endearing are actually ones that you cant stand and realize that you have taken someone else for granted. But I don't think real people would continue the affair when an innocent person is at risk of being hurt.

    5. I'm Rachel when it comes to being the "underdog" with relationships and guys she has done everything by the book and I believe is truly a determined person but team Darcy when it comes to being lied to by her long life friend and fiance they should be the two most honest people in her (even through she is a little self-centered.)