Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foxwoods Casino!

Connecticut is perpetually foggy

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the largest casino in America!  I have to say right off the bat, it was fun, but Mohegan Sun is definitely a better experience if you're not there to gamble.  I think in order to truly enjoy Foxwoods, you have to stay in the hotel and have access to all of it's services.  That being said, we had a pretty good time!  Only two floors are open to non hotel guests, but they have the most slot machines of any casino in the world, so I was pretty much in heaven.
My winner cashout ticket
The screen showing my Red Fish Jackpot

On the first machine I sat down at and put $20 in, and I walked away with $60.  I'm nearly positive they do this on purpose to get your hopes up :)  I spent the next few hours wandering around putting my money into any machine that "called" to me, while Colin enjoyed the free drinks (he's not a gambler).  In the end, we came out over $50 up and utterly exhausted, so it was more than successful. 
It definitely had less visual appeal than Mohegan Sun, but there were still some picture worthy structures.  The restaurant area was called the "Theater District," and was definitely fun to walk through.  It reminded me more of being in Vegas than any other areas of the casinos here.

The Theater District
Ultimately, I think if we're going to go back to gamble anywhere, we'll probably be headed to Mohegan Sun, but I'm glad we experienced Foxwoods, and we came out in the black so I can't really complain! I'll leave you with a picture of my final 1 cent slot bonus screen that won me around $20!  Of course I chose the vampire, and of course he won the battle :)

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