Saturday, May 21, 2011

A weeks worth of updates

I wish I had better news to share, but we're definitely at a standstill here in CT.  Colin has a preliminary appointment with Navy med on May 31st that he's been trying to get moved up to no avail.  So right now we're just hanging out trying to make the most of this time together.  He's been told that even if everything goes perfectly at his appointment, it will probably still be at least a month before his new waver arrives (from wherever it is they come from).  It's discouraging news, but there's nothing we can do so we went exploring instead of pouting!

This week we went hiking at the Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT.  Of course I spent the majority of the time being completely distracted by the most giant tadpoles and frogs I've ever seen in the wild.  I'm talking Goliath (our frog who was adopted by the Schlotz's when we moved) Pixie frog sized.  I also almost stepped on a giant water snake that was well hidden in the grass and was too fast to get a picture of.  The best part is that I almost stepped on it, but it went after Colin :) 

(click on the images to see them larger - especially the panoramic)
Gillette Castle
The view from the castle
A giant frog in the water.  They were everywhere!
It's tough to see, but there is a log in the middle covered in a bunch of turtles.
Attack of the giant tadpoles!  There were regular sized ones too, but they're so small you can't even see them in this picture!
The pond where all of this awesome stuff lived.
We've also been actively looking into buying a new car.  After testing out the removable roof rack on our drive from NY to CT, there is just no way that it's going to work long term as we hopefully make our way to WA soon.  We've test driven a bunch of different midsized SUVs, and researched a ton, but we still haven't settled on anything.  It'll be sad to see Versa go, but she's just too small for us now.  I think we've narrowed it down to a Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, Jeep Liberty, Ford Escape, or Hyundai Santa Fe.  Driving all over Connecticut to visit different dealers has definitely made the time fly by, and has allowed us to see all sorts of cute little towns we never would have known existed.  We even accidentally stumbled upon Yale one day on our way home! 

So that's it for now!  I'll be sure to update as soon as we have more news.  Like I said before, our cell reception is horrible, and we never know when the internet is going to be working, so if you tried to get a hold of us and couldn't, I'm sorry!

Do you have any suggestions of what we should see while were in Connecticut?  Is one SUV better than another?  Leave any insight you may have in the comments!


  1. I'm glad you're adventuring! I wish I was still in CT, then we could hang out all the time. If you're looking for something to do on Monday, it's Yale's commencement and the speaker is Tom Hanks. If you're hungry in New Haven, you should go check out the mashed potato pizza at Bar or the frites at Rudy's. You'll love them both, I promise.

    I hope you get to move soon! Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

  2. I give you props, I totally would be pouting...still. :) Its great though that you guys get so much time together because that def wont be the case once he gets a boat.

    I can totally see the turtles on the log! They all must do that because we have a similar pic from SC.

    Of course Im gonna vote for the Jeep! Im a little partial. :) You could even go the next step and look at a Jeep Patriot, just a little smaller than the Commander. I also find myself liking the look of Kia Sorentos, but I've never seen the inside and dont know there ratings. My other idea is the Scion XB 4 door! I think I might have chosen that over the XD at the time. It gets 22 city/28 hwy mpg! Our jeep is nowhere near that number and it cost $70 to fill up weekly now. :(