Sunday, May 1, 2011

A face lift and falling behind

Welcome to the new and improved A day in the life!  Along with this awesome face lift, I have a confession to make - I totally dropped the ball on On the Same Page Saturday yesterday.  To be completely honest, I haven't even gotten around to starting the book yet.  After a few too many chapters of Lego Harry Potter, I forgot all about the chapters I should have been reading!  That being said, I promise promise promise we'll start next Saturday.  No excuses.  On the plus side, it gives everyone more time to try and get the book!  If you don't want to go the amazon route, it can probably be found at a fairly good price at used book stores.  And of course, for free at your local library! 

Today is Coupon Sunday (doubly good because it's the first of the month), and after stopping at six different places (cvs, hannaford, cumberland, price chopper, sonoco, and stewerts), I couldn't find a Times Union to save my life!  I couldn't be sadder.  They were sold out everywhere.  I did find one at stewerts, but after I bought it and brought it home I found out that someone had already stolen the 5, I repeat, FIVE coupon inserts that were supposed to be there this week :(  Talk about major disappointment.  I've thought about possibly buying them on ebay, but I've never paid for coupons outside of the paper before, and I don't really want to start now.

To try and cheer myself up, I went on my second bike ride of the day to Crandell park where they were celebrating Relay for Life.  They had a band on stage and a bunch of booths with little chotchkies all benefiting the cause.  Being that it's such a gorgeous day here in upstate New York, the turn out was actually really great.  The best part was that nearly everyone walked to get there.  Both the YMCA and park parking lots had more than half of their spaces available!  I mostly just sat in the grass and people watched until it started getting a little chilly and road home.

The inspector from the moving company gets here tomorrow (yay!) and then I've got to kick it into high gear in preparation for the actual movers, so posting might be few and far between this week.  But!  Make sure to look out for Guest Blogger Tuesday and a new Navy post coming your way soon!

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