Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes things just don't go as planned

As some of you may already know, our move across the country has taken a little detour.  We are currently living in a no-tell motel in Waterford, CT until some administrative issues get worked out. 

This whole mess started last Monday.  I had woken up early to get ready for the movers on Wednesday, and I got a devastating text from Colin saying “stop packing, we’re not moving.”  Of course I had a panic attack, and called right away.  He couldn’t talk so I had to wait a few hours for him to get back to me.  It turns out that Navy med found a typo in one of his medical wavers, and sent it up for review (yes, as in a spelling error).  It then found it’s way to someone who disagreed with the waver, and felt that his testing was never completed for a heart condition he’s had since birth, but doesn’t affect his work and was corrected through surgery when he was only months old.  This all lead to him being placed on immediate medical hold.

We went back and forth for days about what to do, because it was obviously too late to stop the move all together.  Every day was a different scenario.  I would get a call saying, “You’re moving, but I have to stay” “I can take 10 days of leave to drive you out and then I have to come back.” And finally, “They’re transferring me to Washington to figure this all out.” 

It wasn’t until all of our stuff was packed up and gone that I got the final call letting me know that as of 8am they had changed their minds, and neither of us would be leaving. So with less than a day before we were supposed to be headed out, I quickly canceled all of our hotels, called friends and family, spoke to our move coordinator, ppo rep, and moving truck driver, and frantically began calling hotels around New London to find one that would take us and our three cats for an extended stay.  After getting rejected by a handful of people, this stellar establishment said yes!  And at a great rate no less. 

So here we are.  Living in a hotel where every surface is mysteriously sticky, but we’re together and the cats are moderately happy exhausted.  Colin is working in the admin office while he waits for appointments with navy med (which is sort of like waiting for pigs to fly), and we have no idea what our timeline is.  They told us we could be here 10 days, or we could be here 3 months (their original estimation).  Lets just hope for the former!  
Julius sleeping with Ming passed out in the top left corner
The black exhausted blob that is Lao Tzu
Of course as I have endless amounts of time with nothing to do and spotty at best internet (the guy at the front desk thinks it mysteriously stopped working because it’s humid outside), a million things are running through my head.  We have a mortgage to pay starting in June, I have a job lined up in Washington that’s supposed to start in June, our stuff arrives at our new house on the 31st, and if we’re not there it’ll be put in storage where we have to schedule delivery two weeks out.  Can I survive 3 months in this crappy motel?  Does this Lt. Commander have the power to completely derail Colin’s career and everything he’s been working for since joining the Navy?  These may all be valid concerns, but the bottom line is that we have no answers, and no options.  We’re here, so we may as well make the best of it!  Keeping with that mindset, I made a top 5 list (a la John Cusack) of all the reason why being in Connecticut isn’t so bad:

  1. Great lobster bisk at Smarty’s Restaurant
  2. Sarge’s Comics (a giant comic store with awesome Joss Whedon section)
  3. NYC is just a mere 2 hours away and I still have $16 on a subway metro card
  4. They have Dairy Queen here!
  5. I’m not in WA while Colin’s in CT, we’re together.*

(*Of course, the disclaimer is that these are in no particular order, and yes, I’m aware that some of them are a stretch)

Like I said, the internet here pretty much sucks and so does my cell reception, but I’ll do my best to update as we move along in this process and someone does start giving us answers.  Hopefully we’ll be back on course in no time!


  1. Dear Kristin,
    I hope all is well. I can't believe they wouldn't let you move. I think about you everyday and how strong you are to go through this. You are incredible to have a positive list. I'm a bit jealous that you are close to NYC if I was there with you we could do a "Sex in the City day", shop and eat at their cafe. Your niece should be anytime and I promise she is coming to see you as soon as I get her on a plane. I love and miss you so much! PS, I finished Something Borrowed and went and saw the movie...funny but not as good as the book.

  2. That was the longest weekend ever and Im ready for a super extremely positive update in your favor! :) I figure its best to keep myself ready just in case the good news is afraid to show itself (evidence gathered from its previous/recent lack of existence!) Soooo good news if you are out there we are all ready for ya! Ok now its in the we will wait. :)