Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arkham Asylum and Mohegan Sun

Today was another eventful day!  We decided to go exploring again, and found a comic book shop in Norwich called Arkham Asylum!  I just had to see what it was like!  Besides the awesome paintings on the walls and general insane asylum feel, it was actually pretty overpriced and not really comic book central.  There was a ton of Magic stuff, and mostly just trade paperbacks.  Sort of a let down but still fun to visit.

Since it didn't take up nearly as much time as we thought it would, we decided to stop by Mohegan Sun, the second largest casino in America.  Foxwoods, the largest casino in America is also only about 10 minutes from New London, but we decided to save the big daddy for a more planned out trip.  Mohegan Sun was still pretty amazing.  It's absolutely huge and has some of the most beautiful artwork and architecture.  I was really surprised. 
The casino from the parking lot
The casino is made up of three main rooms - the earth room, sky room, and wind room.  Each one has pretty much the same stuff, just a different decorative theme.   We spent most of the time walking around but I did have a good feeling about the earth room, so I put $5 in the penny slots and came out with $9.02!  I'd say that's pretty successful!  There are also about a million restaurants and designer shops.  A lot of the restaurants had some famous person/chiefs name attached (Bobby Flay, Jimmy Buffet, etc.) and the price tags definitely reflected it, so we decided to eat elsewhere.  Even still, it was more than fun just to take it all in.

As I was walking by the giant auditorium I noticed that there were signs everywhere for Glee!  That's right, the live show is coming to Mohegan Sun the first weekend in June.  Since it looks like we'll be here at least until then, Colin said that if we get the schedule and car sales stuff figure out we could maybe look into getting tickets!!! They're almost sold out, and all that's left is horrible nose bleed sections, but it would still be so worth it!  I'm just surprised he even entertained the idea of going with me :)
Awesome artwork in the casino
Glass sculpture in the casino
We posted the car on craigslist to try and sell it ourselves instead of trading it in (they hardly offered us anything so we decided to see what would could do), and we've already got a serious buyer willing to pay near full price!  I'm so shocked!  I guess since it gets such good gas mileage it's a steal.  We got her all cleaned up today and ready to show this week.  I'm so excited and sad all at the same time.  Versa was our first dealership car buying experience, and also our first car that was less than 20 years old :)  It'll be sad to part with her, but exciting to find something new!  That's just how these things go I guess.

We're thinking about heading to New York City next weekend for the end of fleet week, and to see some of the last things on Colin's wish list that we didn't get in the first few trips.  Even though we're stuck in a less than ideal situation, it sure has been fun spending time together and exploring Connecticut!

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