Friday, May 6, 2011

Cute cat moments

As much of a pain as they can be sometimes, they can also be ridiculously cute.  I've heard time and time again that because we have three cats (and two biological brothers), their bonds with each other will always be stronger than their bonds with us.  This can be hard to believe considering how I hardly have a moment when someone isn't meowing at me or trying to claw their way up on my lap no matter what I'm in the middle of.  But then, I get a moment like this that reminds me how much these brothers really love each other.
Julius and Lao Tzu
Even though Lao is fast asleep, he still wants at least a little contact with his brother.  This is rare because Julius usually begs Lao to cuddle and groom him and he usually does, but then quickly gets annoyed with him and pushes him away.  It's unusual for Lao to look to Julius for comfort.  Being the alpha male that he is, Lao is much more apt to come to us if he needs attention.  That's why this moment quickly caught on film is just too precious not to share.
Have you had any cute pet moments lately?  It sure makes all those tough times worth it doesn't it?

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