Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeding the movers

With the move approaching fast (I know I have been going on and on about it, but I'm just so excited!), I've been thinking a lot about what to feed these guys.  They are going to be here for three days (2 to pack, 1 to load), so just the regular old donuts and pizza isn't going to cut it three days in a row.  The only other time we've had the packing spread out like this was when we moved from Corvallis to Charleston, and they were out before lunch on the second day.  When we moved to NY, our packers stayed for over 12 hours, so we fed them donuts, pizza, and five guys (there were only 3 of them). 

The thing that makes this so tough is that I will be here alone, and don't really like the idea of leaving them in the house while I run to get food.  Whatever I feed them has to be something I can order in, or have prepared the night before. 

This is where you come in - I need suggestions!  What meals do you have ready for movers when pizza just isn't going to cut it? If you were a mover, what (inexpensive) food would you like to receive on the job?  Help!

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  1. Probably pasta, because it's cheap, hearty, and easy to prepare in large quantities...

  2. Fresh sandwiches might be easy. You could set up a platter of meat and cheese and have bread and condiments ready and maybe a side, chips or a deli potato/macaroni salad.

    Or if its still cool out maybe hot beef sands from the crock pot or any other crock pot dish, just make sure to use a liner so its easy clean up.

  3. Hot dogs and brawts!

  4. I love these suggestions! I will definitely be using more than one of them. Especially if they're around for both lunch and dinner! Thank you so much!