Friday, July 19, 2013

Cloth Diapers: BumGenius Freetimes

I've decided to write about some of our All-In-One diapers next because they are my absolute favorites. They fit her skinny little legs no problem, aren't super bulky, and can hold a river (as made evident by the time I didn't change it for 12 hours overnight and we didn't have a single leak! (Oops!) The best thing about these diapers besides their absorbency is that they work just like a disposable (like the newborns), so it's super easy for non-cloth friendly friend and relatives, and especially easy for tired mamas. The other "big girl" diaper that we have doesn't fit her skinny little legs as well, so being able to get a tight fit with these is another definite plus.

The downside is the cost. All-In-Ones are slightly more expensive than the ever popular pocket diapers, which is the only foreseeable reason why I can assume anyone would choose having to pull a dirty insert out of a dirty diaper vs just rolling it up and throwing it in the pail. They also have a slightly longer dry time, but with summer I haven't had any issues hanging them out in the sun and getting them dried in no time. Especially since BumGenius adds these cool little flaps to expedite the process! If I could go back, I would definitely make these the bulk of my stash instead of the Flips (which will be the next post), but of course I had no idea what shape my baby would come in before she was born, and I was dead set on being over prepared before she got here. In fact, that would be my biggest piece of cloth diapering advice - Don't go hog wild buying one type of cloth diaper because of "reviews" or "recommendations" Until you know your baby. Doing that will force me to go back and sell some so that I can justify buying more of these babies and still staying within my "this is cost effective!" parameters.
Questions about BumGenius Freetimes or All-In-One diapers?? Leave it in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them! (As always I just want to make sure everyone remembers that I am in no way a cloth diaper expert, just someone who has been loving testing the waters!)

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