Thursday, August 8, 2013

How did I end up with a morning baby?

Anyone who has woken up within a block of me, or come into contact with me within the first half an hour of waking up, knows that getting out of bed is not my specialty.  My darling husband is the exact opposite.  He is up and rearing to go early early no problem.  Combine these two things and you get my daughter: the happiest morning child. 

Before she even opens her eyes she has a giant smile on her face.  From the moment she wakes up she just wants to squeal and smile and wiggle.  It's like she can't even believe that she was chosen to wake up again today, so by golly she's going to celebrate!  It can be so nuts that sometimes she can't even focus on eating (even though I know she's starving), because she's just too darn busy smiling and being happy.  What a great way to start the day!

Want to know where the "me" side comes in? This never starts earlier than 9am, and is usually closer to 10:30am.  My sweet child does love me after all :) And sure, she needs a nap roughly an hour after she wakes up just to recover from all of the excitement, but who cares when you're that happy about just getting to spend the day being a baby!

New goal: Be as excited about life as my three month old.

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