Sunday, July 14, 2013

Updates from Babyland!

Welcome back blog readers!!  So, here's the thing.  I started writing a status update on facebook about the babe, and realized that I was basically writing a blog post.  I'm not going to be writing every day like I used to, and I'm not going to promise it'll be anything but baby info for the family members that ask, but I'm bringing A Day in the Life back to life!  I'm also not going to do a giant "catch up" post because chances are, even if you only occasionally peek at my facebook, you have some sort of idea as to what's been going on.  Namely: a baby.  Without further ado, here is what I was going to post, and what will from here on out be a (hopefully) weekly Sunday night feature: Updates from Babyland!

Updates from babyland (10 weeks old): This week I officially packed up the last of her newborn clothes and diapers and we transitioned into full time 0-3 and 3 month clothes wearing!  They don't fit her great (mostly because they're too wide), but the added length is nice for her fancy new big girl cloth diapers! 

She discovered her tongue this week and sticks it out pretty much all of the time and licks everything.  It's pretty funny and we laugh that she learned from Lila :)

We have one week down taking acid reflux medication and it's making a HUGE difference, even if we're not a fan of the weird peppermint flavor.  The spitting up, grunting, flailing, and overall fussiness surrounding the constant feedings has all but disappeared.  She was even able to put herself to sleep a few times this week while laying down instead of having to be propped! We may be on our way to a self soother soon!  I was cooking dinner last night while she was in her bouncer, looked over, and was shocked to see that she had fallen asleep!  This is progress people!

I started keeping track and timing her naps throughout the day today, and will continue to do so for the rest of the week.  We're hoping she's establishing some kind of sleep pattern on her own that we can try and predict without having to "force" nap times or feel like we have no idea what our day is going to look like.  We have a pretty good morning routine down including a nap around 11:30, but honestly I think the rest of the day is a blur for both of us so hopefully this helps.

To close out the week - Has anyone ever taken an infant on a boat?  Did you get them a life vest?  Emmalyn is only 2.5 months and roughly 11 pounds, but will be taking her maiden voyage soon and we're not sure the best way to keep her safe (in all honesty she would probably be fine just in our arms, but I want to do the right thing here).

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