Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Four: Sioux Falls, SD

Welcome to Sioux Falls, SD! Today was a pretty boring driving day, but we were able to get some pictures as we drove through Minnesota, land of the wind turbine fields! We tried multiple times to get pictures of these giant wind turbines that stretched for miles, but they were so far away we never could get one that fully grasped the magnitude:

You'll have to click on it to see the wind turbines, and it still wont be anything like seeing them in person.

My best attempt at a picture of the giant Mississippi River
We stopped at a BP where instead of a convenience store, they had an Amish store, complete with carriage parking.
What we saw 90% of the day.
It's tough catching "Welcome to.." Signs, but here's South Dakota's.
So far Sioux Falls isn't our favorite destination, but we're looking forward to Rapid City and Mt. Rushmore tomorrow!

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