Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Accidentally stumbling on Cabela's

Since I've been a lazy blogger this past week, I figured it was time for a little update.  This week, after unsuccessfully trying to sell Versa ourselves, we decided to give up and just buy a good quality Thule roof rack to help us make the trip.  Then, once we eventually make it back out west, we'll look into selling/buying again.  Unfortunately, fit kits for little Nissan Versa's are tough to come by, so we had to drive up to an L.L. Bean in Hartford to get the pieces.  On our way home Maggie was failing us, and we desperately needed a gas station, so we pulled off the freeway and ended up dead ending right into a giant Cabela's.  All of the sudden the dire hunt for the gas station seemed less important, and Colin's eyes just sort of glassed over.  I thought he just may have died.  Apparently, unbeknown to me, they have an "incredible fishing section."  Now, I'm not a huge fan, but Colin swears it's an amusement park for adults - ha.

Since I'm not really into the whole thing, I spent most of the time looking at all the "unique" items they sell.  This one was definitely my favorite:
"Hurry Honey, get the baby hoochie!!!"  I mean really?  There's nothing better that they could have named this?  Do they also sell a fully grown hoochie?
Apparently even guns get cold feet.  Who knew?
Now, I'm sure they're not promoting hunting house cats on purpose, but this looks a whole lot like a persian cat catching a bird.  Of all of the animals stuffed on this giant mountain in the middle of this store, the "cat" was the only one not labeled.  Suspicious, no?
I'll admit, the museum they had about local animals was pretty cool, but I still prefer my animals warm and cuddly over cold and stuffed.  Luckily, we made it out without purchasing anything, but Colin did fall in love with something that prompted him to rush toward me and say "Honey, I need about $350..."
After quickly reminding him how ridiculously overpriced that backpack was, he proceeded to walk around wearing it while he looked at everything else this giant super store had to offer.  The last section we visited was the sea of camo.  I was pretty sad to find that they didn't have anything in pink.  I guess there just isn't as many fields filled with cupcakes, rainbows, and cotton candy to hide in these days.

All in all, I guess I can admit that it was a pretty fun detour.  It definitely wouldn't have been my first choice for a visit, but Colin loved it and I never would have known about the existence of "baby hoochies" otherwise.  Next time, maybe we'll unexpectedly dead end into a giant comic book store or Coach outlet. 

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