Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living Social

I know a lot of people have already jumped on the Groupon train, but have you started using Living Social yet?  It's a great service that I actually like better than Groupon.  They still have city specific deals, but they also have escapes (vacation packages), and family deals for most large cities.  Then, to top it all off, if you share the referral link they provide after purchasing the deal, and three other people use it to buy the same deal, you get yours free!  Awesome, right?  It's a great site that I highly suggest you all check out for some fun savings.  Who knows, it may just introduce you to some new activity in your city that you never even knew existed!  (And did I mention that they have an easy to use app for your phone, too?)

Today's deal is particularly enticing for us, since living in a hotel makes it difficult to get out and do things (we didn't really pack accordingly), we've been going to the movies way more than we normally do.  And with prices for tickets, popcorn, etc through the roof lately, I just couldn't pass this up!  The daily deal on Living Social today is $9 for TWO movie tickets through fandango!  That's 70% savings!  And with all of the awesome movies coming out this summer, how can you not?

Of course, here is my referral link: don't feel like you have to click it, but it sure would be nice :)  And of course if you do score this deal, make sure to post your own link on facebook, blogs, in emails, etc!

What great deals have you scored through living social?  Have you ever gotten one of their "escapes?"  What movies are you going to see with your new super cheap fandango tickets?

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