Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Light Fixtures

After lots of hard work, we decided to take today a little slower (ha).  Once we finished a nice long breakfast of waffles, eggs, and bacon, we got to work moving pretty much every box and medium sized piece of furniture into the basement in preparation for pulling up all of the carpet.  We then moved on to a gigantic home depot trip for things like light fixtures, smoke alarms, and other items we needed to get the house back up to code (mostly outlet wiring). 

Since we were committed to lots of train track building with Rogan for most of the night, we only installed one of our new chandeliers.  Let me tell you, it was not as easy as we thought it was going to be!  Those suckers are heavy and our ceilings are ridiculously vaulted, but this light just happened to be in an area too low for our ladder.  The only way we could conquer it was to put the whole light together, have Colin stand on a stool and mount the hardware/wire the new light, while I held the giant thing on my shoulders until he was done.  Here's the final product:
It definitely makes a dramatic difference in the room!  Not to mention it's nice to have a light in the living area that wont randomly go out every now and then!  Tomorrow, we're tackling the one in the entry way.  I'm sure with the heavier light and the higher ceiling it should be a piece of cake!

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