Monday, September 5, 2011

Renovation Details

Ok, so now that you've seen the onslaught of before and after pictures, I'll give you the deets.  We're nearly done with the main renovations upstairs! Yippee!  We've painted, put in laminate floors, new baseboard and door moulding, curtain rods, curtains, and the best part - finally unpacked!!!!  It's pretty much the best feeling in the world.  None of the the rooms are completely finished (still need a dining room table that's not plastic, the green room needs a round rug and the yellow room needs a comforter etc. etc.) but we're nearly there! 

The next month and a half we're really going to focus on putting in doors (thank goodness), and finishing up the yard.  We got to a good start when my dad came to visit at the beginning of August, but fall is for pruning and laying sod.  I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate us getting rid of the dirt back yard :)  Depending on Colin's work situation, we're holding off on bathrooms until we get solidified word on what his schedule is (more on this once that word is passed to us). 

A few weeks ago we got a ton of quotes from window installation companies, but none of them were really within our budget or made us jump to get it done, so we're still looking around.  Our neighbors said a great local company installed their new windows a few years ago at a very reasonable price, so we're going to see what they can do for us before we decide if we'll be doing them this season, or in the spring (realistically, it'll probably be spring). 

All in all, it's been a really crazy few months, but putting all of this work into the house and watching it come back to life has been an amazing experience.  Now that we're at a point where everything is livable again, we absolutely love this house and can't imagine moving away (uh oh).  It's been so wonderful to have this time to really put the work in ourselves and be able to do it together. 

Now that we're almost done, you'll have to make some time to come visit and see it in person (especially if you saw it when it looked like we were in way over our heads!).   What's your favorite transformation so far?

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